- Reviews / Testimonials -

She did amazing despite her wobble on arrival. So pleased she asked to come back. She is absolutely buzzing with her certificate and tickets 😂 I think it was great that she was able to overhear the English lesson too without the pressure of taking part. I know she was listening because she told me all about it! I just think the school is amazing 😊

- New parent feedback

I thought it was really good and helpful for me to support X. I think if we could have had that session first and then options letter that would have been ideal. I completely agreed with the first presentation it is the human connections which make the difference and I think this is what LBS do really well. X is improving beyond what we could have hoped when she first started and was unable to get out of the car. Thanks for offering the session it was very helpful.

- Parent feedback from our Curriculum event

The school fosters high expectations and considers the attitudes and behaviour of the young people in relation to the wider community. Behaviour is well managed and there was clear evidence of rewards and sanctions. Students’ behaviour and attitudes in lessons, during lunchtime and generally around the school were very positive. They spoke to us, to staff and each other, with respect. They listened to and considered, the views of others. The wider community involvement is extensive and there is a very strong sense of community and British Values and traditions respected. Leaders value and use pupil voice to inform practice and support students’ independence. The school promotes equality and diversity and there are many examples of British Values around the school in displays. Pastoral support is very strong and leaders consistently work towards pupils gaining independence and preparation for future training and development. The workplace and adulthood are a key focus from the point of entry for each student. Strong transition plans are in place. Overall, in school students presented as calm, engaged, respectful and happy. The relationships in the school are rooted in mutual respect. The students are safe and engaging well and ready to learn.

- North Northamptonshire Local Authority Audit

……They say they enjoy their new surroundings and feel safe here. Pupils behave well. They respect each other and the staff. They trust staff to sort out any problems quickly and fairly. There is a calm and relaxed atmosphere, and leaders and staff have high expectations. There are opportunities for pupils to gain a wide range of recognised qualifications. Staff cater well for pupils’ additional needs. The curriculum for pupils’ personal development is a strength. Pupils are being prepared well for life in modern Britain.


Your help and support have been incredible – I don’t know any other school that would invest so much time, care and attention in the family of a pupil and we are so grateful

- Parent/Carer

All can say is that the LBS and therefore by extension, the people in it, have transformed my child’s life and mine with it, so thank you. Keep up the good work. You have my everlasting gratitude.

- Parent/Carer

Please feel free to pass on our thanks to everyone we likely don’t say it enough. The hard work dedication and commitment from the staff does not go unnoticed. This week our child joined me in the kitchen and recited most of her history lesson which they clearly had loved. I can’t tell you how overjoyed we are that even though they may have struggles they are learning and having fun.

- Parent/Carer

I think the provision is outstanding and I value how all efforts are made to support our child.

- Parent/Carer