- Reviews / Testimonials -

My grandchild has attended lady Byron school since September 2021. The school and staff are totally amazing, the work they have achieved with my grandchild in the short time they’ve been there is outstanding. My grandchild was attending mainstream school from the age of 4 until 11 years of age. They had no friends , was bullied and never given the time they so much deserved. There were looked at as the problem child which saddened us all as a family. They had no confidence in themselves or life in general. They struggled in public places and would do anything to please or to think they would gain a friend from it. Now my grandchild is full of confidence they have some amazing friends. They have total confidence with all the staff and they are such a different child. All staff have worked hard to understand and work out all the students individual needs and support them fully. I took my grandchild away on holiday for Christmas and I noticed the difference in how they dealt with the people and environment they were in. It was a total lovely experience to watch them deal with these situations. I thank the staff for all they do in the mental, social and learning , my grandchild is currently receiving the best education in all of their school life and it’s totally beautiful to watch them grow and develop into this amazing young person.

- Grandparent of student

I have worked with the Senior team for many years and have found them to be an extremely caring and compassionate management team. All of the staff go above and beyond for the students. I have found the proprietor and the Head Teacher to show integrity and work open and honesty to both staff and students. The staff have an abundance of expertise, which shows. The significant positive input they have made to students and families alike is astonishing. Keep up the great work.

- DA