Rix Wiki Pilot

There is a new pilot scheme in Leicester. Leicestershire and Rutland called Rix Wiki.
The pilot is aimed at children and young people 0-25 and their families who interact with more than one service (across education, health or social care) and feel that being able to share their story with professionals using a computer, tablet or smartphone would be beneficial.

“Rix Wiki is an online portal to share your story, vital information, progress reviews and other important information, etc; personal to you.

Young people can share their Rix Wiki with people who work with them and their family, to help them to learn more about you and understand how to best support you and reach your GOALS!”

Wikis give you and your family the chance to tell your story once, in your own words.
Wikis can be used to share information for education, health and care plans, progress reviews, medical appointments and sharing successes.
You can share your wiki with the people who work with you and your family, who you know and trust, so that they can learn more about you and better understand how they can support you to reach your goals.
For more information on Rix Wikis speak to your Education, Health or Social Care professional or visit:
To look at an example Rix Wiki go to:
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