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Intensive Outreach Offer

Download our a copy of our outreach support offer HERE.

Who can LBS support?

Autism is lifelong, and we know early intervention and the right support have a lasting impact. At LBS, as well as having young people on roll to our school we also work with young people, families and schools to offer support who are not attending our school but attend other provision (or are out of school)

We support Local Authorities, schools, families, and young people in overcoming the barriers that may affect a young person’s journey in education. Staff work in collaboration with young people, their families, professionals and schools to deliver specialist educational assessments, support and advice to meet the diverse needs of the young person.

LBS staff have developed specialist knowledge and skills in order to meet a range of complex and co-occurring needs. Sharing this specialist knowledge, through our Outreach Service we aim to enable young people, families and schools to support young people in overcoming barriers to learning and in doing so, build capacity for future success.

Does the young person need an autism diagnosis and / or EHCP?

In order to be on roll to The Lady Byron School it is necessary to have an autism diagnosis as well as an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). However, it is not necessary to have either of these to access our outreach support, as long as the young person is on the pathway (i.e. agreed by professionals that a diagnosis of autism is to be considered).

What can we offer?

We can:

  • Give specialist support, advice and guidance to schools and services in meeting the needs and aspira-tions of autistic young people
  • Provide support so pupils can remain in their preferred school and in their local community
  • Work collaboratively with other providers and professionals, ensuring they are empowered to lead their service in a more skilled and knowledgeable way
  • Support the transitions of students from early years, primary, secondary and beyond to further educa-tion and adulthood. We understand the support required with these transitions and have the knowledge, experience and knowhow to support services
  • Provide early intervention and deliver targeted support, with clear structures in place.
  • Undertake bespoke pieces of work with young people to support them in their mainstream setting either as one to one or in a small group capacity.
  • Work collaboratively with families, schools and other agencies to create, monitor and deliver bespoke support plans for young people
  • Support you to understand young people’s complex communication and interaction needs and manag-ing behaviours of concern related to autism

How might we do this?

We would always discuss the best way of supporting the young person with you, however some examples are:

  • Observations of the young person at home or school, followed up by discussion of observation.
  • Reports with actions and reviews of progress
  • Review meetings with Senior Leadership and/ or Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)
  • Specialist support and advice on differentiating systems (routines, timetables, communication, behaviour, one page profiles, sensory profiles, etc.)
  • Implementation and modelling of research based and good practice approaches, strategies and re-sources
  • Bespoke interventions
  • Liaison with multi-disciplinary professionals
  • Attendance at annual review and outcomes meetings
  • Guidance on SEND plans
  • Email and telephone support

How can we access support?

To find out how our Outreach service might be able to help further, please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have: