- Preparing For Adulthood -


Preparing For Adulthood

At The Lady Byron School, we believe that all young people should have equal life chances as they move into adulthood. We must ensure ‘no one is left behind’.

This should include paid employment and higher education, housing options and independent living, good health, friends, relationships, community inclusion and choice and control over their lives and support.

LBS see the importance of preparing our young people for life, and as such we work directly with students to ensure they are ready and feel equipped and confident to move on to then next steps in their journey.

To support this, we introduce several person-centred resources to support this learning.

These include:

  • Coping Strategies Tool

This is a tool to support young people to think about returning to education after the lockdown ends. It helps to express anxieties and other concerns and to think about ways to help address these.

  • ‘Planning for my future life.’
Planning My Future Life is a person-centred planning booklet. The tools are specifically designed to find out what is important to a young person and the support they need.

The tools in this booklet are:

  • Like & Admire
  • Relationship Map
  • Important to / Important for
  • Working / Not working
  • My Outcomes
  • One Page profile
  • What Matters Island
  • Inclusion Web
  • Good Day / Bad Day
  • Perfect Week
  • Decision Making Profile
  • Communication Passport
  • Matching Support
  • Presence to Contribution
  • Vocational Profile (Yr. 8 onwards)

A vocational profile is a way of gathering information. It is a discovery document, that is specifically related to work and supporting someone to find a job.

A vocational profile is a person-centred approach to finding out what a young person wants to do and provides an opportunity to understand what a person is interested in and to explore why. If we do not complete a vocational profile, then we do not know enough about a young person in relation to their aspirations for work and to get the best match of a job for them.

Careers Planning

In addition to using the Preparing for Adulthood Framework we also incorporate careers planning / advice in several ways, for example:

  • Careers education in PSHE
  • Liaison with Local Authority Careers Officer
  • Use of the careers service within Fleckney library.
  • Sourcing voluntary and work experience with young person’s community
  • ASDAN programmes of study
  • Visits to places of work
  • Visits by employers to the school