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Equine Therapy

In partnership with Horses for Causes – Visit Website

Sharon Wood founded Horse for Causes initially to help adults with Autism, however the services have expanded, so that people of all ages with varied degrees of mental and physical health can access their services.

Horses for Causes was set up in 2010 as a not for profit organisation with the mission of providing growth and change for people in the community.

Winners of an outstanding achievement award 2013, for their community service to improve the quality of people’s lives, the team at Horses for Causes continues to develop innovative ways to engage people through equine interaction.

Creative Art Therapy

In partnership with Charnwood Arts Therapy – Visit Website

Art Therapy can be very supportive to children, young people and adults who may be going through a difficult time. People can benefit from Art Therapy if they are struggling with difficult experiences or changes in their life.

Art Therapy provides a consistent, safe, confidential space where the young person can ‘do art and make things’ and can talk with the therapist if they want to. Art Therapy provides strategies to develop resilience, self-regulation, support development of positive, appropriate, relationships and enable increased engagement in education.

Art Therapy is a unique process which aims to ease distress and emotional upset.
Images can be used to support personal development, expression and
communication, particularly with people who find communication difficult.

What may be hard to put into words can be expressed through the artwork. No
skill in art is needed to benefit from Art Therapy, but some interest in using art
materials is necessary. Art therapy can provide support to people of all ages and

Music therapy

Music Therapy

In partnership with Charnwood Arts Therapy – Visit Website

Just as we all have the ability to respond emotionally to music we all have the ability to be healed by music therapy. The use of music in therapy can help to make connections with and communicate our conscious thoughts and experiences and those thoughts and experience which may be on the edge of our consciousness and difficult to express.

Music therapy sessions involve making music and creating your own music improvisation. The music therapist will join with you to explore the world of sound using familiar pieces of music and a range of instruments.

This is a positive, enjoyable activity where musical ability is not needed. Making music alongside the Music Therapist builds confidence and develops a trusting relationship.

For many people including those with disabilities, mental health difficulties, those at elevated risk or individuals feeling isolated and vulnerable music therapy is a safe and comfortable process where emotions can be expressed and issues explored.

Respect Therapy

In partnership with Respect Therapy – Visit Website

I am a Person-Centred Psychotherapist working with children and young people. I have over 25 years’ experience working with young people in a variety of settings, including children who have social, emotional, and complex needs. I have both personal involvement and professional experience working with looked after and foster children. I specialise with those who have suffered significant trauma and young people requiring support with self-harm & suicidal thoughts.  

I provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space for the young person to talk about their struggles, thoughts, feelings, and anything else that they may wish to share.   

Developing trust and enabling the young person to feel safe is an essential part of the therapeutic journey. I have an integrative style and draw from a variety of approaches to suit the child. I will explore the young person’s interests with them, and therapy sessions can include, baking, art, music, jewellery making, crafts, kicking a football, games and more. 

For neurodiverse young people, I adapt therapy sessions to consider their sensory needs, communication, and processing styles.

My experience of working in SEMH schools and residential homes for looked after children has taught me the value of working together with the significant others in the young person’s life. I will communicate themes or headlines appropriate to the young people with carers or staff when in the best interest of the child, without breaking confidentiality. 

Blossom Therapy

We are a small team of Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists who are passionate about supporting children , their families and other professionals. We work mainly with children 2-18 years with a range of differences that may be impacting on them being able to access daily life. This could include their motor skills, sensory processing , emotional regulation,  speech , communication or language skills to name a few. We are keen to empower children to achieve their full potential. 

We have a clinic in Stanion Village, Northamptonshire where we provide assessments, therapy, training and support groups. Together we provide a holistic approach to supporting children, their families and their educational settings. We can offer support from our specialist clinic or in their school/ home environment.

Educational Psychologist

We work with a qualified educational psychologist, in partnership with families and other professionals, to help children and young people achieve their full potential. Educational psychologists support schools and the local authority to improve all children’s experiences of learning.

The educational psychologist will use their training in psychology and knowledge of child development to assess difficulties children may be having with their learning. They provide advice and training on how we are best to help children to learn and develop. They recommend methods and help develop strategies in partnership with the school and families, to support a child to learn more effectively.

The educational psychologists will also keep up-to-date with best practice, policy and research relating to how children learn. Working in partnership with the school will help ensure the best outcome is achieved for the child or young person.

Local Community and Businesses

The Lady Byron School will make full use of our local amenities with visits to the village library who have a regular careers advisor. Sports sessions at the Leisure centre with sessions with a sports coach and the local skate park.

Our school and young people will be involved in the local community with support from The Kibworth Autism Friendly Community, which we will encourage and promote across Fleckney. Working with the local parish we hope to spread Autism awareness with tailored training within the community.

Fleckney hosts many local events which The Lady Byron School will take part in, alongside supporting national events such as MacMillan Coffee mornings, Children in Need and Comic Relief. With so many local opportunities we endeavour to be able to secure links for work experience, or voluntary work.